Otago Daily Times 17th October 2011  – Concern about dredging spurs Surfers Protest 
Surfers in Dunedin have sent a message to Port Otago – hands off Aramoana’s waves.About 90 surfers took to the water near the Aramoana mole at noon yesterday, paddling out into a gentle swell and forming a circle to demonstrate their feelings.Surfbreak Protection Society South Island representative Nic Reeves, of Dunedin, said the event celebrated the area’s surf break, amid fears the waves could be disrupted by Port Otago dredging plans. read more here

Otago Daily Times – Harbour Dredging Approved

Word of Mouth Media.

An excellent article by Cory Scott from NZ Surf Mag‘s wordpress blog:

A news release

A brief article written by an american surf website,

Dredging plan will cut deep  ODT Mon, 21 Jun 2010
Historically, “out of sight, out of mind” has proven an effective policy when it comes to reducing costs, for big and little business alike.

While it may be ethically wrong to muffle, shuffle or even disown damaging behaviour by acts of stealth, the policy’s high success rate ensures its long life.

So it is that Port Otago Ltd with its Project Next Generation will next month seek to sneak under the public’s nose the largest and most destructive single act of industrial dredging that the Otago coastline has yet seen, notwithstanding our city’s proud reputation as the Wildlife Capital of the World. read more here

Channel dredging application lodged By Simon Hartley ODT on Fri, 28 May 2010
Port Otago has lodged a resource consent application with the Otago Regional Council for its proposed “next generation” $100 million channel deepening project.

Port Otago has spent about $1.5 million on various studies so far and, following consultation on the initial draft released publicly in February, says there are only minor changes to the final, approximately 200-page application.

It appears likely the application will be publicly notified and open for submissions. read more here

Fishermen oppose Port Otago’s sand, silt proposal By Allison Rudd on Sat, 27 Mar 2010

Otago fishermen have formed a working party to write their formal response to Port Otago’s plans to dump more than seven million cubic metres of sand and silt off Taiaroa Head.

Port Otago will soon apply for resource consent to widen the Otago Harbour shipping channel and dump 7.2 million cubic metres of dredge material 6.5km out to sea.

The Port Chalmers Fishermen’s Co-operative fears the sand and silt may create a “dead zone” along the coast, threatening fishing stocks and their income.

About half the co-operative’s 40 members attended a meeting on Thursday night to discuss the issue. read more here


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