Paddle Out

NZ National Paddle Out Day

16th October 2011 – 12 noon

A National Surfers Paddle Out Day is being organised by Surfbreak Protection Society to support the Save Aramoana Surf Break Campaign.  

The aim is to have a paddle out at EVERY one of the 17 protected nationally protected surf breaks under Policy 16 NZCPS.  As well as at other surf breaks around New Zealand that are close to surfing communities.

New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 – Policy 16: Surf breaks of national significance.

Protect the surf breaks8 of national significance for surfing listed in Schedule 1, by:

  1. ensuring that activities in the coastal environment do not adversely affect the surf breaks; and
  2. avoiding adverse effects of other activities on access to, and use and enjoyment of the surf breaks.

Schedule 1: Surf breaks of national significance


  • Peaks – Shipwreck Bay
  • Peaks – Super tubes – Mukie 2 – Mukie 1


  • Manu Bay – Raglan
  • Whale Bay – Raglan
  • Indicators – Raglan


  • Waiwhakaiho
  • Stent Road – Backdoor Stent – Farmhouse Stent


  • Makorori Point – Centres
  • Wainui – Stock Route – Pines – Whales
  • The Island


  • Whangamata Bar


  • Mangamaunu
  • Meatworks


  • The Spit
  • Karitane
  • Whareakeake
  • Papatowai

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